Tower Bridge Exhibition is situated on the Thames in central London and spans the river between the London Boroughs of Tower Hamlets (North) and Southwark (South). The Monument is located at the junction of Monument Street and Fish Street Hill.

They are owned, funded and managed by the City of London Corporation (the “City”) and all persons visiting Tower Bridge and/ or The Monument are subject to the following Terms and Conditions.

In these terms and conditions Tower Bridge Exhibition is referred to as the “Exhibition” and by acquiring one or more tickets to the Exhibition and/ or The Monument you confirm that you accept these terms and conditions of use. Ticket holders are referred to in these terms and conditions as ‘Visitors’.

1. Opening Times

1.1. The Exhibition and The Monument are open as follows:

1.2. The Exhibition is closed from 24th – 26th December and open from 10.00 on the 1st January. The Monument is closed from 24th – 26th December and 1st January.

2. Tickets

2.1. A range of tickets (including joint tickets) may be purchased from the individual ticket offices at each location on the day of visit or on-line via the Tower Bridge website

2.2. One Ticket purchased entitles one person entry on a single occasion. Once visitors have left the Exhibition and/ or The Monument they will need to purchase an additional Ticket to re-enter.

2.3. Tower Bridge Exhibition is in two parts and consists of the walkways and the Engine Rooms. All persons entering the Exhibition must hold a valid Ticket that must be retained at all times and presented for inspection if required by any member of staff. Failure to produce a valid Ticket on request may result in refusal of entry or removal from the Exhibition.

2.4. Where Ticket prices vary according to age the following provisions apply: a. A person of 16 years or older is classed as an adult, b. A person aged 5 to 15 years is classed as a child, c. For children under 5 years no admission fee will be charged.

2.5. Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

2.6. The price of Tickets may vary from time to time and the prices advertised are not guaranteed.

2.7. Once acquired, whether by purchase or on a complimentary basis, Tickets are non-refundable, non-transferable and void if altered. Tickets that the Exhibition staff reasonably suspect have been transferred or altered will not be honoured.

2.8. Tickets include entry to all parts of the Exhibition (Walkways and Engine Rooms) and/ or The Monument. On occasions where certain areas of the Exhibition/ The Monument are closed due to maintenance works information regarding these closures will be communicated via the Exhibition website and staff on duty in the ticket office.

3. On-Line Tickets (eTicket)

3.1. eTickets may be purchased on-line via the Tower Bridge website at

3.2. The eTicket is valid for up to one year from the date of purchase and before purchasing visitors should check whether there are any special restrictions on entry to the relevant attraction or event (eg. age restrictions).

3.3. The eTicket will be sent via e-mail (it will NOT be posted). The eTicket must be printed or displayed on your smart phone/ tablet. Visitors should check tickets carefully, as well as any receipt or booking confirmation received after completion of purchase. If there is an error or mistake, please contact immediately.

3.4. The eTicket must be clearly printed and the barcode and barcode number clearly visible in order for the eTicket to be valid. It must be brought by the visitor on the day of visit and presented at the ticket office in order to gain entry to the attraction.

3.5. No ticket purchased from the website shall be resold to a third party under any circumstances and any such resale shall have the effect of rendering that ticket void and unusable as a means of entry to the Exhibition.

3.6. No ticket purchased from the website shall be used for advertising, promotions, contests, competitions or sweepstakes, unless permission has been obtained in advance from Tower Bridge.

3.7. No ticket purchased from the website shall be transferred to or used by a third party unless permission is obtained from Tower Bridge.

3.8. Tickets purchased from the website are only for the personal use by the purchaser and their party. Tower Bridge reserves the right to cancel tickets purchased if there is any resale or attempted resale of tickets at a higher price than purchased.

4. Group Bookings (10 or more visitors)

4.1. Group bookings can be purchased by contacting 020 7407 9191 or email

4.2. Tickets (including General Admissions) should be collected from the Ticket Office and visitors should produce the booking reference and credit card used to pay for the Tickets.

4.3. Tickets may not be used in conjunction with any voucher, promotion or special offer.

5. Account Holders

5.1. Separate terms and conditions apply for account holders and further information can be provided by contacting 020 7407 9191 or email

6. Refund & Exchange Policy

6.1. In the event of the Exhibition being closed due to exceptional circumstances a refund may be applicable and visitors should contact 020 7407 9191 or email

6.2. A refund or exchange cannot be guaranteed for visitors who decide they no longer want their eTickets, or cannot attend the Exhibition (even if this is due to circumstances beyond their control). Please contact 020 7407 9191 or email to clarify if you are entitled to a refund or exchange.

7. Health & Safety

7.1. As necessary, the Exhibition staff will communicate certain health and safety procedures to Visitors which they must adhere to.

7.2. In the event of an evacuation visitors must co-operate with the Exhibition staff who will direct them to the nearest refuge point. Re-entry will be permitted once it is safe to do so upon production of a valid ticket.

8. Visitor Conduct & Behaviour

8.1. The following must be observed whilst visiting the Exhibition:

8.2. The right to refuse entry to or expel any Visitor who fails to observe the conditions in 7.1 or whom the Exhibition considers likely to affect the safety or enjoyment of any other Visitor or member of staff is reserved.

9. Security

9.1. Visitors may be asked to submit to a search of their person or belongings and anyone refusing to submit or found to be in possession of materials believed by the Exhibition staff to be dangerous or unsuitable will be denied entry or removed.

9.2. Large items of luggage such as suitcases, rucksacks etc may be permitted inside the Exhibition subject to search and agreement of Exhibition staff.

9.3. Visitors must keep their personal belongings with them at all times as no responsibility for loss, theft or damage to any personal belongings can be accepted.

10. Filming/ Photography

10.1. From time to time photography or other recording may be carried out at the Exhibition and any images or recordings thereby may feature Visitors. Visitors consent to the use of such images by the City in connection with advertising, promotions or monitoring and acknowledge that the copyright in such images rests with the City and/or any authorised third party.

11. The City’s Obligations

11.1. Visitors are reminded that from time to time parts of the Exhibition may be closed and certain exhibits may be removed for maintenance or for technical reasons. Tickets will not be refunded and no compensation will be paid in the event of such closures or removals.

11.2. The City will use its reasonable endeavours to keep the Exhibition open and operational during published opening hours but reserves the right to close the Exhibition on any given day, whether for security or any other reason, without notice.

11.3. In the event of such closure, any Tickets issued for use only on the day of closure will be exchanged or refunded by the Exhibition staff at the price paid for them but no further compensation will be paid.

12. Exclusion of Liability

12.1. The City accepts no liability for any accident, damage or injuries to visitors suffered in any way at the Exhibition. Visitors attend the Exhibition at their own risk.




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